Financial support

Financial Wellbeing

Financial hardship can happen to anyone, including solicitors.


Challenges such as job loss, bereavement, emotional difficulties, relationship breakdowns, illness, injuries and more can cause difficulty. If you are struggling, we understand and offer confidential and non-judgmental support.



Debt and welfare

Paying for the normal things in life


There are thousands of professional people, including solicitors, who simply can’t afford the normal things in life which most of us take for granted. This is why we offer grant support towards the cost of day-to-day living.


Depending on eligibility, this support can last for just a few months or over longer periods. As well as help with day-to-day living, we can also assist with one-off awards for the things people really need. This could be essential household furniture, urgent home repairs or help to move house.



Your award has helped me tremendously and has been a lifeline to managing financially while I get my health-related issues sorted out.

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