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Applying for financial support for solicitors.


 Before you make any application please take time to check if you are likely to be eligible for financial support from The Solicitors’ Charity.

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You can do this using the ‘Minimum Income Standard’ calculator which is anonymous and free to use. Make sure you select the option for where you live (eg, inner London, outer London, not just London) to refine your results. Read more about eligibility here.




When you are ready you can either download our application form to print, complete and return or you can apply online here.



All your information is treated and managed with the highest level of security and confidentiality. Please only share personal case information with our caseworkers. To learn more about our approach to Data Protection here.




If you have any questions or would like to find out if we can help you can get in touch to arrange a confidential chat with one of our caseworker team.

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The Solicitors’ Charity has certain exclusions in place on who and how it can help.

We regret The Solicitors’ Charity can’t offer financial aid if:

  • Your total household income exceeds the Minimum Income Standard for your family type and location
  • You have more than £10,000 in liquid savings
  • You are an unqualified law student or trainee


We cannot consider support for:

  • Costs associated with running your business (eg indemnity insurance)
  • Business or partnership debts
  • Debts owing to family members or friends
  • Legal fees
  • Independent school fees
  • Most types of private medical treatment
  • Repayments of student loans
“Our life is unrecognisable from what it was two years ago. We have a home and a shot at the future because of The Solicitors’ Charity. You were there when I couldn’t see a way forward and I will be forever grateful.”

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