January blues: We are here for you


January blues: We are here for you

Speaking up about mental health

More and more, we’re seeing people open up about mental health and it’s incredible positive to see this shift, especially in the world of solicitors. But, going into this year, The Solicitors’ Charity sends a reminder that it’s okay not to be okay, and that feeling low isn’t something that needs to be kept a secret. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life as a solicitor, it’s easy to leave our own needs behind. 


The most important message from this is that there are options and support available out there. Even if it’s chatting with someone who understands your typical day-to-day, getting practical advice about the problems you face, or having a case worker just listen, it’s a support service that is available to all solicitors in England and Wales and their dependants. This year, make your mental health and wellbeing a priority, and when things get tough, let someone help.


About the Solicitors’ Charity

We often avoid thinking about hardship, but at The Solicitors’ Charity we’re raising awareness that it’s normal to need help – and there is help available. The Solicitors’ Charity was set up specifically for solicitors in England and Wales who have hit tough times. It’s a role that the charity has been dedicated to since 1858 and we are on a mission to ensure that no solicitor is left alone. During that time, the charity has been known by a few different names (The Solicitors’ Benevolent Association and SBA being the most recent), but the purpose has never changed.


Nick Gallagher Pennysmart joining The Solicitors' Charity


With a range of wellbeing and emotional support, as well as practical and financial help, The Solicitors’ Charity aims to become the safe place for all solicitors from various backgrounds. Every year, The Solicitors’ Charity continues its work and extend the types of support it can offer.


One thing to remember this year

We’re all human and feeling down is completely normal. So, the world isn’t going to stop if you take a step back to find support that works for you. Whether it’s taking a moment to recharge outdoors, speaking with someone supportive about your wellbeing, or setting work boundaries, make time for your mental health. Similarly, there are many ways you can make a positive difference to someone in need just by being there. Sometimes we need a trusted person to talk to, or a few positive words to get us going through the day. Even a small gesture can make a big difference. No two people are the same, and therefore the support offered by The Solicitors’ Charity focuses on listening in to understand the situation, then offering practical help.


Partners for a more supported profession

To provide holistic support, The Solicitors’ Charity works side by side with many support organisations such as LawCare, Onebright, Renovo, Citizens Advice Manchester (CAM), Pennysmart, and Advice Works. Partnering with mental health charities and other support services, means that The Solicitors’ Charity is able to go further to support to get solicitors back on their feet. Our close partner, LawCare, is the mental health and wellbeing charity offering peer-to-peer support to the legal sector, while Onebright is dedicated to providing end-to-end services for mental health. We offer referrals, signposting, and funding for both.


Jada (name changed for privacy) explained: “The Solicitors’ Charity is somewhere to turn to and ask for help, there’s no judgement from them – it’s a place of comfort and support and I’d encourage any other solicitors in difficulty to contact them. I now know the value of hope, rather than facing a bleak future. The charity helps in so many ways, but just to have someone listening to you is very healing”.


Nick Gallagher, CEO of The Solicitors’ Charity shared: “I’m pleased to be able to say that The Solicitors’ Charity is able to offer such extensive support to solicitors and get them to a place where their wellbeing and mental health is improved. My hope for this year is that we can create an even better, more connected solicitors’ profession, where reaching out for help doesn’t seem so daunting.


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Where to go from here?

If you, or a solicitor you know, needs support, get in touch with The Solicitors’ Charity today. There’s a also variety of different ways that solicitors can support The Solicitors’ Charity to provide help to their peers: through one-off donations, fundraising, donating unclaimed balances (RCBs), or joining us at events such as the London Legal Walk. 

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