Have yourself a relaxing Christmas break – and remember, help is here for you


Have yourself a relaxing Christmas break – and remember, help is here for you

Our warmest wishes to everyone for a happy and relaxing Christmas. All solicitors deserve a well-earned break and we hope each and every one of you will be logging off (and not checking emails!); spending quality time with family and friends and letting yourself unwind. 


At The Solicitors’ Charity, we understand that the run-up to the festive season (and the new year, for that matter) can be very busy and demanding for solicitors. Work-related stress can easily lead to exhaustion, burnout and a host of mental health issues if left unchecked.  


According to a survey by the insurance firm Protectivity, the legal profession is the second most stressed profession in Britain, with 63% of respondents reporting that they suffer from stress on a daily basis. Find out more in this helpful article https://www.clio.com/uk/blog/work-related-stress-solicitor-burnout/ You’ll see there that burnout can be managed, with the right support.  


At The Solicitors’ Charity we provide practical, emotional, and financial support to help people through the tough times. In addition to the direct help we offer, we work with our partners – LawCare, the mental wellbeing charity, and career transition specialists Renovo – to provide confidential support for solicitors when they need somebody to talk to. Our partners at the Solicitors’ Advisory Service can offer free, confidential legal advice to solicitors facing employment or disciplinary issues.


We are here for you when times get tough. Visit our website and find out more. 

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