Debt and welfare

Debt and Welfare Benefits

If you’re struggling with debt, we understand the particular impact this can have on solicitors.


If you’re experiencing debt problems, it’s never too early to ask for help. The stress and pressure of owing money can feel overwhelming, especially for solicitors, but there are things we can do to tackle the anxiety. Get in touch for more information on support and advice. In certain cases, for instance when your home is at risk, we can make a one-off, outright grant to clear what is owed.

Confidential advice on debt.


If you need help and advice we can refer you, in strict confidence to an independent FCA registered debt adviser from CAM (Citizens’ Advice Manchester) who understands the consequences of debt for solicitors. This trusted partner has a long history of confidentiality helping solicitors overcome debt challenges.


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Confidential advice on welfare benefits.


If you are struggling financially, you could be entitled to statutory benefits. We understand that finding the right information and applying can feel like you are in a maze. Which is why we offer confidential guidance on welfare benefits. This service is provided for solicitors across England and Wales by our partner CAM.


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We’re grateful always for the opportunity to live a better life despite the hand we have been dealt.

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