Volunteer Spotlight: Coral Hill

Volunteer Spotlight: Coral Hill – Reference Panel member.


Volunteer Spotlight: Coral Hill – Reference Panel member.

“Life has many stresses and unexpected turns and I want to support a group that should exist and, who knows, I might need to turn to in the future.”


says Coral Hill, volunteer for The Solicitors’ Charity, and editor of Legal Women magazine


Coral is a non-practising solicitor with 30 years’ working experience in legal education, which includes creating video materials at Legal Network TV and developing online learning. She founded Legal Women during the pandemic.


She says:

“I found working in practice exhilarating but there were times when I would have appreciated reflecting on work, how I was handling it and the people around me. I felt that I couldn’t really be myself and so a long-term career in practice was not feasible.

“I became involved with The Solicitors’ Charity as I believe it has a role to play in changing the profession and helping it adapt to a more diverse environment. There is also the practical side of the financial support it offers when difficulties occur.

“In the future, I hope to see real change in terms of diversity and openness. This has certainly happened in many firms and working environments, but often for the most senior roles, especially in the larger firms there are real barriers to anyone who does not ‘fit the mould’.

“I’m inspired by many junior lawyers who are determined to have full lives at home and at work and also find time to do volunteering. I think this is a seismic change in the profession which isn’t recognised enough by the public as the lazy ‘fat cats’ image still sticks.”


Coral encourages others to get involved with volunteering at The Solicitors’ Charity – she says:

“It’s interesting to contribute and often the volunteer gains excellent insight and inspiration, so it works both ways.”



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